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Unlock untapped bottom line gains through engaged employees.

Our Corporate work delivers employee Wellbeing programs and Values Based strategy development. Access the strategies and tools available to large corporations in your small to medum sized business without blowing your profit on 1 program. Engaged employees are proven to stay longer and collaborate effectively with the corporate direction. 

A happy workforce at home is a profitable workforce at work. Help YOUR team to create Wellness at Work and have wellness work for you.





"If you can dream you can achieve it"


maybe..... when you heal your hurts and can finally implement what you know.


Failure is the only pathway to success and yet we avoid it. Partner with your fears and learn how to fly.


I'll show you how.......


Who is Niki?

Are you looking for the best in coaching and transformational guidance? Congratulations. Stop googling. You found it.

1 Health client was kicked out of the diabetes clinic for no longer being diabetic 

A birthing client healed her PTSD from 2 previous birthing traumas to experience a blissful orgsamic birth previously unimaginable

A business client tripled her income inside 3 months

A corporate client increased employee engagement by 5 points, decreased staff absence by 30% and regained an industry leading accreditation.

With over 15 years of experience in coaching, 25 in international business management and a passion for helping others, Niki Bowen is the go-to source for clients looking to explore their potential and reach their highest aspirations. Through her unique blend of spiritual guidance, business strategy, and creative vision,Niki helps her client uncover and destroy the barriers to their growth.

"The relationship to the past is the foundation of the future. The clue lies in your history. Change your view, change your life"



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About Niki

Hi. My name is Niki Bowen and I love helping my clients out of their comfort zone. A 15 year career in Corporate finance led me to coaching which in turn led me to develop a passion for understanding human behaviour and how we choose. My choices then took me to motherhood at 45 and opened yet another pathway of purpose! Some may say I am confused... I say I am passionate and love to share that in multiple spaces. Whether unlocking potential from your business, supporting you to create a family or navigating a late life definition of who you are I would LOVE to help. It is my purpose. To connect you to your whole self.