Teaching or Speeching?

I love what I do, I love teaching, I love sharing and most of all I love the lessons I get exposed to daily. What I am incredibly clear on is that I am NOT the inventor, creator or Owner of anything that I teach. I’m just a channel, a conduit, a speaker.

I’ve put it together in my way, with my personality and tone, that is all. And I use my experience to wrap around to maybe aid understanding and integration. Because until we use something we’re taught, it’s just noise.

The most powerful teachers in our history all shared the same trait : humility. An understanding of the relationship between self and teaching.

I know some amazing teachers, and some people who think they’re teachers because they talk at people a lot. There is a big difference between the 2.

So the next time a “teacher” of yours starts to own their information, or as I saw one person say recently on Facebook : “To all the imitators out there, thanks for the compliment but you’ll only be an imitation” , I suggest you run for the hills so that there’s time for their ego to expand without crushing you.

Teach today, don’t Speech.

2 thoughts on “Teaching or Speeching?

  1. Fantastic way of putting it Niki. I am a speaker too. I do get asked that question at times, “do I teach anything?” and your definition definetly makes it clearer.
    Thank you.

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