I don’t care

“Ain’t a soul on this entire earth ain’t got a burden to carry he don’t understand, you ain’t alone in that… But you been carryin’ this one long enough… Time to go on… lay it down…”       Bagger Vance : The Legends Of Bagger Vance

We all have a story, we all have a history. How do you use yours?


I don’t care about your stories, I’m sure they keep you warm at night though, and help you feel secure in your insecurities and limited beliefs about your capability.

I don’t care about the tragedies that have happened to you. I’m sure you’re correct in thinking that they are SOOOO much bigger/worse/tragic than has ever happened to anyone else in the world.

I don’t care about how big your bum is, wobbly your thighs are. I know that it’s the fault of those advertisers making the burgers just look so good. And yes your boss is so mean in making it hard for you to get to a decent canteen for lunch. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

I honestly couldn’t give a rats bum. Not a spick of care in here I promise you.


“But you’re a coach! You’re paid to care!!”

NO I’m NOT. I’m paid to kick your butt, to push you past the limits that you think you have. To hold you to the glory that is you.

So if you want to share your story, Don’t! Keep it to yourself or share it with some  losers who want the justification of “the world is crap” to help keep them stuck too. You can find lots of friends in Mediocrity City.

There’s an alternative, if you’re brave enough. If you’ve got a big enough Reason to Be.

If you want to share your sweat, your effort, your commitment and you’re prepared to hurt to do that then come on down and join the team.

Nothing is effortless, but it is easy. It isn’t breezy, but it is grace-full.


Come to the Edge and Live. Fully.

The Edge of Reason

Well here it is… seems I’ve gone and done it now. It’s all well and good to have a principle and get passionate, the buggar about is then you need to live it to make it authentic.

I’m passionate, I love feeling amazing and healthy, and I care what I put into my body. So why do I have days when I don’t follow these principles?

The same reason everyone does : fear. Fear of being different from my family. Fear of dancing wildly to the tune that plays in my head and being spotted as being different. Conspicous, noticeable. What’s so scary about that? People won’t like it, they’ll criticise and then I may listen to it.

As Seth Godin talks about in Purple Cow the reason people stay in the bell curve with marketing activity is the fear of being criticised. Read his book. Then substitute the word “Marketing” for “Life”. The reason most stay with the majority is safety, acceptance, “friends”.

It’s rubbish. LIFE is at the edge, TRUTH is ownership : owning yourself, your principles and PASSION is being COURAGEOUS enough to shout about it.

I’ve hid my passions this year, when my theme is INTEGRITY. And it only just hit me when I read my blogs, Bllaahhhh is all I can say to those.

So pin your ears back, get some ear plugs, turn down the volume on your computers. I’m getting PASSIONATE and COURAGEOUS and will speak my truth from now on on here.

Here’s the first one : Find the purpose for what you are doing and you WILL be successful. Simple. This doesn’t have to be huge, just truthful and stirring for YOU, the most important person in your world. Yes, a bonus truth for today : YOU are the MOST important person in your world. Not the kids, your partner, parents or dog. YOU. Without you none of works.

So today, find the purpose what you do today and tomorrow. Something you’re prepared to fight for. Die for. LIVE for.

What do you want to debate with me? What do you want to challenge? Bring it on I say. There’s not enough debate, discussion, sharing of thoughts.

Giddy up People it’s a brand new day!

Welcome to the Edge

Clarity of desire

Desire means Of The Father. Inspiration comes from latin meaning Of the Spirit. Courageous comes from French meaning Of the Heart.

The phrases which move us come from spaces within us.

How do you occupy your central space within?Allow your central space to fuel your activity, it is your purpose. It your passion.




Faith… the final frontier

When you follow through on what you feel is right, then the right thing always happens.

Let go of knowing exactly how it’s going to work, just trust it will.

I move in 2.2 weeks to the house which waited for me, and hits all my wishlist without me knowing it did. Trust.


Today’s post brough to you by Queensland Dress Shoes…. The Thong

Being purple

Seth Godin talks of purple cows. Of how to be remarkable and noticeable in a sea of sameness of products and disinterested consumers.

How do we do that for ourselves? The truth, you already have the answer. Look in the mirror. We are each unique. Perfect. The lie is to have doubt.

Dont buy into a need to improve self esteem. Just look in the mirror.

Jan 10 careful what you wish for

I decided this weekend where I wanted to live. Today the universe delivered.

3 weeks ago I decided I wanted to learn guitar on my own guitar. At the weekend, the universe delivered and a friend gave me a nearly new red acoustic guitar.

Are you clear on what you want? Do you have certainty in heart and soul that you can have all you want? As Yoda says in Empire Strikes Back, “size matters not”. If you can create the small, you can create anything.

Go forth and create with love.


Jan 9: always check….

… That you press publish. Always check that the final tiny step has been taken. Or all that you have done is pointless.

While a journey of 1000 miles begins with 1 small step,  it has to finish with the same.

Finish your journey.

Jan 7: realising growth…. Or not?

An ex boyfriend told me some years ago that I was a “plain Jane”.Hiss precise words were “sorry to say, but that first night I met you you weren’t that good looking, just a plain Jane”

Now I AM an arrogant show off, in the nicest possible way (more on that later on the year) but I’d always been quite sure of my level of prettiness. Sure I’m no Angelina Jolie,but I’d put myself as a 7. Great legs that go all the way up to here, enchanting eyes  (you see the show off coming thru at this pint) lovely thick hair and cracking breasts.

Why you askis any of this of interest? I’m getting there!

Today I showed off a new hair do to same ex, along with comment of feeling pretty and feminine, an unusual feeling for me having spent a significant portion of 2011 in Lycra training for Ironman (not much call for makeup and curling tongs on a 7 hour bike ride at 6am in the rain). His response blew me sideways “you’ve always been very feminine and girlie” Excuse me! When I reminded him of previous comment he denied ever saying it with “I’d never say that about you”.

Now this is where I realised that no matter the personal development, clearing work and “arrogant show off” a careless comment about my appearance from a then loved one cut me to my core.

So much so that I had to call him after I’d left just to check something :

Me “so just to confirm, you don’t think I’m a Plain Jane?”

Him “no”

Me: “so you’ve never thought that?”

Him “no”

Me: “So you do you actually think I’m good looking then ?”

Him “Yes, that’s what I said isn’t it?”

Well actually no, not til then, not ever! And then I cried. I realized that the lack of  verbal validation, no offered compliment has tainted that relationship always.

And tainted my view on myself for all that time.

And I think of myself as “progressed”. What then for those unsure women, the unconfident? Just look at a magazine rack to see the source.

Love yourself, your size your shape, your type, your sticky out wobbly bits. Hear it from me ” wow you look amazing today”!

Brought to you by espradille wedges: Elegance in a beach setting




Jan 6 : unrequited love

The baby adores me, until I cut his. claws. The older one won’t come near me because of the little one. Shes my heart, my lovely puss who once luxuriated in the depths of the living room carpet what do you do to show your love when you can’t communicate?

Who do you need show your love with deed not talk? And when will you start?

Todays thoughts from Old Thongs. Comfy and not yet replaced


Jan 5 : living in conflict

I live in a war zone. The combatants are feisty. 1 party is brave enough to venture deep into enemy territory. The joy of naivety. As much as he makes friendly overtures, they are summarily rejected. The current occupier is lacking in flexibility and bursting with anger. How to broker a ceasefire? How to create acceptance? How to make cats like each other???