Jan 2 The year eases into action

The hype is done, the poppers popped, the streamers put away and hangovers dosed up with Berocca. As the dust settles, any regrets from the last nights? Has your year started as you wish it to continue?

I am happy to report a first breakthrough already. I was driving on the M1, in Victoria, an inauspicious place for epiphany, but aren’t they always.

My worth has been (in my head only) based on the level of wobble below my belly button. I realised the times I had felt more confident I was either a) very toned (read skinny: at one point 55kg: 20kg below current) or b) focused on other areas of my life because I was in a period of a! How nuts. I am a gorgeous 41 year old woman, I weigh 73 kgs and I have completed an Ironman triathlon, a feat most on the planet would never even contemplate. And I had decided that the only way I would be attractive to a man would be to have a flat stomach. As I write this it seems more nuts every second.

My worth has nothing to do with the wobble of my belly, the volume of my laugh (high and raucous), the crookedness of my teeth or the cellulite on my thighs. My worth is down to 1 thing : how I Love. Do I love Courageously? Wholeheartedly? Forgivingly? Do I love others respectfully, recognising their needs not to satisfy my own.

I have to admit it’s not been any of those things all the times, but I have definitely hit it sometimes. My mission this year is more. At least 1 a day. What a great prescription for my year.


Today’s blog brought to you by cream wedges from Espana, bought on vacation with my Mum.