Jan 1 the 1 st day of the year

Today we start: resolution s, promise, commitments. This is it, THIS is the year. But really, who cares? I had a breakthrough today, on the M1. I hadthird my self worth up in the size of my belly. Bug and wobbly= more jovial. More comments about “even big girls can run”. I’ve never been big. I’m 5’8″ and at most 75 kg. I’m strong, I’m an apple, and I can run further than nearly everyone I know, even with a brace on. So, who cares about my belly? Me! Well not for 2012. My measure of my worth is based of how much I love, how well I love. Today an amazing friend helped me fix our friendship. That is how I measure myself.

Decide for yourself. How will you know you had a good year, not successful but good.Mine is measured in love,quality.