It doesn’t work

How often do you blame the provider or implement for not getting you your results? “My business profit hasn’t changed”  “I haven’t lost any weight”
Often followed up by, in my profession, “Coaching doesn’t work”
Really? I beg to differ. I know I have created the life I live following 1 simple rule : Follow The Instructions. Simple.

In coaching that is Do What Your Coach Tells You. In Gymnastics : Do what your Gym Coach tells you. In learning guitar : Do what your Teacher tells you.

The constant search for the quick fix and finding the answer outside robs us of the chance to reach our true potential.
We hit the moment of discomfort and pull back. “I might upset someone”  I’ll have to work hard”
No shit. And by following through you also may just learn something, and grow through the process.
So just for today, from those whom you respect: Do what you’re told, respect the relationship you started.
You may just get what you want. I did.

One thought on “It doesn’t work

  1. Am I procrastinating, avoiding, justifying or simply being a victim when I spend so much time thinking of all the reasons why I don’t do the steps I have been told to do?
    Or is it that “I am actually afraid of success?”
    What ever the reason you are 100% right Niki.
    I only have to do as I’m told to become the success I so desire to be.
    Thanks for the insite 🙂

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