Integrity… the new currency?

Think about the people in your life that you trust? Think about the businesses that you spend your money with? Which of them make you feel the most comfortable?

I bet they all have 1 thing in common. And that’s Integrity. Walking their talk. Living their values.

This lack is what has us still feel uncomfortable about eating Macca’s. Thanks for the salad range, but we all know the true nutritional value of the “food”. (and I do have 1 occasionally. I’ve never said I was an Angel 100% of the time) It’s the reason that we are starting to see an explosion of the personality based businesses: Ashy Bines, Michelle Bridges 12WBT as examples. We’re relying on the integrity of the person to be carried through to the product. We trust in them.

I used to be a big fan of Biggest Loser. Inspirational seeing people supported to change their lives. Until tonight.

Last season wasn’t brilliant with the obvious diet yoghurt endorsement. A yoghurt which is by the way packed with a proven carcinogen Aspartame. Tonight it was taken to another level. We all know that to truly change ourselves forever we need to change our habits forever. That means killing off the sugar addiction forever. Eating clean, nothing processed. Finding, identifying and avoiding the hidden sugars. Breaking the crave binge cycle.

At dinner on the program tonight they were all drinking Coke Zero. This is disgusting sweetness replacement, which only serves to continue the addiction to the sweet flavour AND is proven to be damaging to weight loss long term AND has a carcinogenic ingredient Aspartame (I personally know how damaging the stuff is. I maxed out at 2.5 litres/day at one stage)

And the trainers know it. I bet you don’t see them sucking it down.

Let’s hope they have stronger morals in the product they sell with their own name attached.

Remember your integrity every day. It’s truly the new currency in the world, I hope.