Feline in your affections



My darling older cat Saskia Hates the kitten Ziggy. She is so clear in her feelings, unwavering in her dismissal and disapproval.  If he sniffs at her, she hisses.  If he lunges at her, she yowls.  If he touches her, then it’s Watch Out time and he’ll get cuffed. He has the scars on his nose to show how often!

Her favourite position is sitting on top of my desk.  If he comes into my office, a warning growl is shot across the room, just to make sure he knows she’s seen him.

I admire her honesty. She has not hidden this disapproval, or covered it with fake politeness. She never starts a fight, never provokes an incident. Is just clear in her boundaries.

This is where cats have it over humans. Clear in feeling and self confidence in truly owning the truth of the emotion.  No pretense.

This week be feline in your love giving. Give it only to those for whom your truly feel it.  Be polite, just keep your heart for your true loves.