Day 3 : Blazing sun, blazing clients

If you think you have the best job in the world, I promise you you’re wrong. If you think you have the best clients, again I must disavow you of that claim. The reason I can say this with confidence is because I do.

The sun blazed hard and bright as I finished my last sessions pre the start of Christmas and the achievement was all around me. Incredible people achieving incredible things. No-one climbed Everest, no-one finished a marathon or quit smoking. Yet every single one of them showed me the true grit and courage it takes to achieve the really daunting task we all face : Living in truth.

1 is in the process of finalising the 3rd property purchase in 12 months, another entered a 100km bike ride, yet another had the amazing news that the person he reported for sexual abuse has pleaded guilty. This 1 person’s extraordinary courage inspired others to come forward, and an evil predator is now off the streets for a long time.

What did you do to live On the Edge of Glory today? The day isn’t over yet… your mission is to find your edge, and take your courage.

Today’s blog brought to you by hot pink and gold leather wedge from London Princess