Day 2 : Homeward bound

Back from Sydney, back to blazing sunshine in Melbourne. Not a statement often made!

What a fabulous day we had the day we walked on glass… I have the best Job in the world. My whole day yesterday was about assisting people to get over themselves, get over their past stories and give themselves the chance to grab their life. Big realisation yesterday was that none of it is true. All the “blocks” we have, the deep seated issues… it’s all total rubbish. It’s someone else’s opinion we’ve decided to buy into.

If I work with a depressed client and get them to just pretend to be happy and sorted, and they do it for the rest of their life, are they still depressed any more? Do we look to resolve an issue or the symptom?

Are you just pretending to be incapable of doing what you want because you have “bought” someone else’s view of your ability?

As we approach the end of 2011, who will you be in 2012?

laid to rest at Tullamarine Airport


Todays thoughts brought to you by Floral Wedge (RIP : strap broke on exiting the plane)