Day 1 of the last year of my Mayan Life

So this is the fiirst day of the last year of my life… apparently. If you believe what “they” say about the Mayan calendar. And I thought to myself that since this is the last year then I should record what I do. Lucky you!

Over the next 365 days I’m going to blog my day, what I did, the key moments. I guess some of them are going to be huge, some not so, they will at least all be significant.

I’m a shoe connoisseur and so I’ll also include an image of that days selection of footwear. My goal is that it should be different every day. I am not sure how many pairs I own… can I be fresh in footwear every day? Will I crack at 6 months?

You see since this is my last year, how will it change how I live? A key question we ask ourselves is how will I be remembered. I want to check what I will remember, what will turn out to be the most important things, people and moments. I have big goals for the year and I’m excited about achieving them.

My theme word for the year is INTEGRITY – keeping my word, doing all that I say I will. What is yours? How is it going to change your results?

Today’s blog brought to you by Tapestry platform peep toe heels from London Rebel (somewhat appropriate)