About Niki

nikibNiki Bowen will help YOU change your life.

“After spending 15 years as an accountant, I decided I had to change. 1 weekend at a personal development seminar and my life changed forever.

I am a coach, specialising in breakthrough.  Breakthrough what? Your fear. The only restriction that actually exists in life is self imposed and self fulfilling. Bust through it and anything is possible.”

Niki now presents the seminar that changed her life. “I told them on the day I would, and now I do. It’s as simple as deciding”  Over the last 5 years she has presented to hundreds of clients on aprivate basis. Also she is a keynote speaker for CPA Australia, presenting at their premium National Congress.

Niki is the only female F.I.R.E. Qualified Firewalk Instructor and Breakthrough Coach in Australia.

“My corporate background has given a great base, and my heart now expands in all directions”

Change takes place on levels. “To deal with only 1 level is as effective as shouting Record at a CD”

A Masterpractitioner in NLP and Time Line, Master Hypnotherapist, Personal Trainer with a Diploma in Psychology. Niki knows how to help you bring all your resources together to create new outcomes.

“My belief is simple, change your mind, change your life”

The Universe requires balance in every moment. Yin and Yang. Male and Female.

Breakthrough can come in direct or subtle forms. Niki uses different aspects to assist : a meditation leader and Ironwoman triathlete; a Firewalker and Tantra explorer. Aspects and nuance.

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