Feline in your affections



My darling older cat Saskia Hates the kitten Ziggy. She is so clear in her feelings, unwavering in her dismissal and disapproval.  If he sniffs at her, she hisses.  If he lunges at her, she yowls.  If he touches her, then it’s Watch Out time and he’ll get cuffed. He has the scars on his nose to show how often!

Her favourite position is sitting on top of my desk.  If he comes into my office, a warning growl is shot across the room, just to make sure he knows she’s seen him.

I admire her honesty. She has not hidden this disapproval, or covered it with fake politeness. She never starts a fight, never provokes an incident. Is just clear in her boundaries.

This is where cats have it over humans. Clear in feeling and self confidence in truly owning the truth of the emotion.  No pretense.

This week be feline in your love giving. Give it only to those for whom your truly feel it.  Be polite, just keep your heart for your true loves.

Teaching or Speeching?

I love what I do, I love teaching, I love sharing and most of all I love the lessons I get exposed to daily. What I am incredibly clear on is that I am NOT the inventor, creator or Owner of anything that I teach. I’m just a channel, a conduit, a speaker.

I’ve put it together in my way, with my personality and tone, that is all. And I use my experience to wrap around to maybe aid understanding and integration. Because until we use something we’re taught, it’s just noise.

The most powerful teachers in our history all shared the same trait : humility. An understanding of the relationship between self and teaching.

I know some amazing teachers, and some people who think they’re teachers because they talk at people a lot. There is a big difference between the 2.

So the next time a “teacher” of yours starts to own their information, or as I saw one person say recently on Facebook : “To all the imitators out there, thanks for the compliment but you’ll only be an imitation” , I suggest you run for the hills so that there’s time for their ego to expand without crushing you.

Teach today, don’t Speech.

Heart break in celebration

There’s some gaps in my life, 2 huge holes that frankly hurt. I’m single and childless (at the moment, soon to change… hurry up Universe!)

I love my Mum, I love my Step Mum, I love my Aussie Mum (S,D,J… you know who you are) and I celebrate for the Mum’s today who get to enjoy the love of their children today; celebrating all the socks picked off the floor, tears wiped, bums wiped!

But…. it hurts. Another year passes that I am not experiencing that. Which got me to thinking. How do we celebrate for others when we’re in pain ourselves over that exact celebration?

What of the Mum’s who have lost their children? Or the children who have lost their Mum’s? How do we honour them, include them, not hide from the hole.

The options are : grin and bear it, weep uncontrollably and refuse to leave the house, or ignore it.

Research shows the link between repressed emotion and cancer, mental illness, obesity, ulcers… the list goes on. So Ignore it seems like a self damaging option to me.

So today I’m going to blend the options. Honour myself, honour my gaps, maybe even cry a bit (just a bit) then I’m going to meet a dear friend and celebrate her 1st Mothers Day. And above all remain open to the options and choices that will get presented to me today.

So go forth my spinster friends: celebrate all the children in the world, all the Mums, just make sure you honour yourself above all others. Remember you are the Mother of your soul.

Daffy the Guru

We’ve all heard the phrase ” we don’t stop playing because we are old, we get old because we stop playing”. It’s on thousands of Hallmark schmaltzy crap cards, which we will spend millions on this weekend to celebrate the women who gave birth to us (ps Love you Mum)

Well when did you last look at the world like a child? When did you last truly look through child like eyes?

A 4 year old ran past me yesterday enthralled with a duck (not sure the duck was as happy). His wonder encouraged me to stop and I noticed, for the first time ever, that those boring brown coloured ducks are actually stunning. Purple green irridescent feathers covered by the worker brown ones.

Had the child not lent me his eyes, I’d have missed a beauty in the world.

Take time today, see the beauty covered by practicality