The Porn Star Sofa

My dream sofa is Red, velour or micro fibre, big and comfortable with room for 5 people.

Last week I saw it…. It was love at first sight.  Red, velour, L shaped and fabulous to lounge on.

I had the cash, I had the opportunity and I had the burning desire.

Then a friend made a comment and highlighted the sensible path. I had already paid for one elsewhere, It was possibly a bit busted, Made jokes about it being on a porn set and “evidence” that would probably show under a UV light. So I said no…. and left my heart’s desire in the shop. I chose Head over Heart.

But The Universe wasn’t finished. The next day after my friend left I met the lady from the shop in Woolies. She put it on hold for me. She even rang me the following morning to confirm what I wanted to do and I STILL said no.

“Best be sensible” said the voice in my head…. which always sounds strangely like my Mum.

The Sensible sofa was duly collected and wrestled into my new home. Legs had to be removed, paint was scratched off walls.

Then I sat on it.

It’s horrible. It looks stylish, could be from a magazine….but it’s scratchy, too bulky for the space and uncomfortable, NOT a relaxing “Let’s Hang Out” sofa.

Most importantly… it’s Brown.

Lesson : ALWAYS listen to your heart, even if your heart desires a porn star.

RIP Red Velour Sofa

yes… it’s been sold. I hope it’s happy and appreciated wherever it is.

I don’t care

“Ain’t a soul on this entire earth ain’t got a burden to carry he don’t understand, you ain’t alone in that… But you been carryin’ this one long enough… Time to go on… lay it down…”       Bagger Vance : The Legends Of Bagger Vance

We all have a story, we all have a history. How do you use yours?


I don’t care about your stories, I’m sure they keep you warm at night though, and help you feel secure in your insecurities and limited beliefs about your capability.

I don’t care about the tragedies that have happened to you. I’m sure you’re correct in thinking that they are SOOOO much bigger/worse/tragic than has ever happened to anyone else in the world.

I don’t care about how big your bum is, wobbly your thighs are. I know that it’s the fault of those advertisers making the burgers just look so good. And yes your boss is so mean in making it hard for you to get to a decent canteen for lunch. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

I honestly couldn’t give a rats bum. Not a spick of care in here I promise you.


“But you’re a coach! You’re paid to care!!”

NO I’m NOT. I’m paid to kick your butt, to push you past the limits that you think you have. To hold you to the glory that is you.

So if you want to share your story, Don’t! Keep it to yourself or share it with some  losers who want the justification of “the world is crap” to help keep them stuck too. You can find lots of friends in Mediocrity City.

There’s an alternative, if you’re brave enough. If you’ve got a big enough Reason to Be.

If you want to share your sweat, your effort, your commitment and you’re prepared to hurt to do that then come on down and join the team.

Nothing is effortless, but it is easy. It isn’t breezy, but it is grace-full.


Come to the Edge and Live. Fully.