Dec 31:the last day

… We mark our lives in 1sts and lasts First love, first kiss, first heartbreak, last time. Today’s the last day if the year, but when is the true start of the new one? Is it when my clock ticks over midnight? When my parents do in Europe,or when we’re all in the same day? So when do you start your new year? When the clock ticks over or when you start with some new initiative? For me it starts when it starts. Time is a construct, it’s a measure to make sense for us. My year began when I took the new steps to create the next stage. Celebrate your accomplishments for 2011 and celebrate what is coming in 2012. happy new year.

Jan 30: the Almost day

Its jan 30, the almost day. The almost last day of the year, almost party time. It could feel like the “pregnant pause” before it all happens. But it’s not, it’s the space to breathe, the time to draw in all you need before the big one. Where do you need to breathe? Where can you take a moment? Breathe in all you’ve achieved this year, swallow it down and use it to fuel the next phase.



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Dec 25 jesus’ birthday

Merry Christmas. Today I ran before the day started. Exercise clears the spirit. Then attended church to replenish it. I’ve been to many spiritual ceremonies, so few for the practice I was born into, Christianity.

It was beautiful.  I wondered how many were there through a search for truth, a search for a higher meaning or simply a sense of belonging.

The true gift of any celebration is never outside, the true gift comes wrapped in multiple layers of myriad colours and may never be fully and truly revealed. Yet the process of unwrapping is the satisfaction if the fulfillment we truly seek. The gift is that of ourselves. To know ourselves, love and totally accept ourselves as we peel back more layers is takes true love, unending faith and reveals the higher purpose Faith.


Merry Christmas every one of us and all our layers

Day 3 : Blazing sun, blazing clients

If you think you have the best job in the world, I promise you you’re wrong. If you think you have the best clients, again I must disavow you of that claim. The reason I can say this with confidence is because I do.

The sun blazed hard and bright as I finished my last sessions pre the start of Christmas and the achievement was all around me. Incredible people achieving incredible things. No-one climbed Everest, no-one finished a marathon or quit smoking. Yet every single one of them showed me the true grit and courage it takes to achieve the really daunting task we all face : Living in truth.

1 is in the process of finalising the 3rd property purchase in 12 months, another entered a 100km bike ride, yet another had the amazing news that the person he reported for sexual abuse has pleaded guilty. This 1 person’s extraordinary courage inspired others to come forward, and an evil predator is now off the streets for a long time.

What did you do to live On the Edge of Glory today? The day isn’t over yet… your mission is to find your edge, and take your courage.

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Day 2 : Homeward bound

Back from Sydney, back to blazing sunshine in Melbourne. Not a statement often made!

What a fabulous day we had the day we walked on glass… I have the best Job in the world. My whole day yesterday was about assisting people to get over themselves, get over their past stories and give themselves the chance to grab their life. Big realisation yesterday was that none of it is true. All the “blocks” we have, the deep seated issues… it’s all total rubbish. It’s someone else’s opinion we’ve decided to buy into.

If I work with a depressed client and get them to just pretend to be happy and sorted, and they do it for the rest of their life, are they still depressed any more? Do we look to resolve an issue or the symptom?

Are you just pretending to be incapable of doing what you want because you have “bought” someone else’s view of your ability?

As we approach the end of 2011, who will you be in 2012?

laid to rest at Tullamarine Airport


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Day 1 of the last year of my Mayan Life

So this is the fiirst day of the last year of my life… apparently. If you believe what “they” say about the Mayan calendar. And I thought to myself that since this is the last year then I should record what I do. Lucky you!

Over the next 365 days I’m going to blog my day, what I did, the key moments. I guess some of them are going to be huge, some not so, they will at least all be significant.

I’m a shoe connoisseur and so I’ll also include an image of that days selection of footwear. My goal is that it should be different every day. I am not sure how many pairs I own… can I be fresh in footwear every day? Will I crack at 6 months?

You see since this is my last year, how will it change how I live? A key question we ask ourselves is how will I be remembered. I want to check what I will remember, what will turn out to be the most important things, people and moments. I have big goals for the year and I’m excited about achieving them.

My theme word for the year is INTEGRITY – keeping my word, doing all that I say I will. What is yours? How is it going to change your results?

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